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Your Privacy Is Safe

We treat your privacy just as if we were a doctors office. We do not communicate in any form, any information or data about you or your computer's contents to anyone. What is on your computer is your business and no one else's.

We do not sell, trade, or give away any of your information. None! Not your first name. Not even the color of your computer. Nothing!

We do reserve the right to post any piece of your comments to us on our Customer Comments Page on this website only.

Our store policy is who ever drops off the computer for repair, must be present to pick it up. Sorry, no exceptions. Bring anyone back with you if you want. But, if you drop it off, you must pick it up.

If we use a USB Drive to temporary backup your data while your operating system is being re-installed; The USB Drive will re-formatted and zeroed out (erased) within 3 days of returning your computer. That way, your data will not be accessible on the USB Drive by anyone later on.

For those who like to surf risky websites, we use a program that removes all TEMPORARY SURFING INFORMATION, automatically. That means we do not know "what kind" of surfing that you are doing. All of this information gets deleted. Frankly, we do it to save us up to four extra hours of Anti-Virus scanning time. Click, Click, and in about one minute, all temporary surfing information is gone. It helps us get finished with your computer much faster, too.

We have not started emailing yet. When we do start emailing to you, it will only be once every six months, a reminder to please have your computer cleaned.

Any and all discarded paper work used in repairing your computer is ran through a cross-cut paper shredder within 3 days of returning your computer. It shreds paper into paper punch sized pieces.

Your Computer Is Safe

We treat your computer with the same care as if it were our own.

We clean your computer as part of your computer repair. When we are finished with your "repaired" computer, we wrap it in plastic to keep out any dust, dirt or contaminants. The plastic also protects your computer during transport, in case it is raining when you pick it up or when you get home.

We have a multi-camera audio and video recording alarm system with a name brand 24/7 Monitoring Station. Plus, the whole system is on battery back-up, in case the electric goes out.

Your Rights

100% Satisfaction. If for any reason, your computer is not fixed right when you get it back, please return it to us immediately, and we will fix it.

     However, if you return a computer thinking we did not fixed right, and we determine that someone broke your computer after we fixed it;
     then, we will have the right to, and will, charge you a "minimum" of $44.99 to look at or to fix the new problem.

Our Conditions

At this time, we do not take checks of any kind.

If we determine your computer case has been opened since we worked on it, any and all warranties of any kind are voided.

Our minimum charge to look at your computer is $44.99 plus tax ($48.25 Total), no matter what.

The $50.00 cash deposit is NOT REFUNDABLE for any reason. We spend time on your computer just like a doctor would spend time with his/her patient.

All invoices are due the day we are finished working on your equipment.

All invoices must be paid in full, before you can have your equipment back.

All invoices are past due until they are 100% paid.

After 30 days past due, all computer equipment will become the property of TheComputerWash.com.

After 30 days past due, all computer equipment will be sold for the invoice balance.

We work "first come, first serve" on computers.

If your computer is not paid for and picked up within 5 days after it is finished, we will charge you $1.00 per day storage fee. We are sorry; but, we do not have the room to store your computer. We are a small shop working out of my home. If you will have any problems paying your invoice promptly; then, they should be expressed to us, and agreed to, BEFORE we work on your computer.

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