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Service #5
Repair, Replace, Install or Upgrade (1) Item
Desktops, Laptops, NAS, Home Servers, and Mobile Workstation Computers only.
Our Low Price
Retail $69.00


If your computer is broken, this is the service that you will need. Basically,
we will fix any one part on your computer for $39 plus parts and sales tax.

This is just a partial list of the repair services that we offer:

• LCD Screen Replacement
• Motherboard Replacement
• Hard Drive Replacement/Cloning
• DC Jack Replacement/Repair
• Memory Upgrade
• Video Card Replacement
• Internet Setup
• Email Setup
• Sound Card Replacement
• Software Installed
• Software Re-Installed
• Software Removed

Service #5 Included Services:

Labor to repair, replace, install or upgrade (1) part on your computer
(plus the cost of the part).


Labor to replace, install or upgrade (1) software title on your computer
(plus the cost of the software title).

Desktops  •  Laptops  •  Servers

Examples of what constitutes (1) item, that may be repaired, replaced, installed or upgraded:

Motherboard (same part number only)
(up to 1)
CPU Processor
(up to 1)
All System Memory Boards
(up to 6)
Power Supply
(up to 1)
Video Card
(up to 1)
Sound Card
(up to 1)
USB Card
(up to 1)
Phone Modem Card
(up to 1)
Wired Network Card
(up to 1)
Wireless Network Card
(up to 1)
Hard Drive
(up to 1)
Hard Drive Cooler (3.5" or 5.25" Drive Bay)
(up to 1)
CD Drive
(up to 1)
DVD Drive
(up to 1)
Floppy Drive
(up to 1)
Card Reader (internal or external)
(up to 1)
Case Fan
(up to 1)
Case Drive Bay Port Panel
(up to 1)
Case Drawer (5.25" Drive Bay)
(up to 1)
Computer Case
(up to 1)
Keyboard and/or Mouse
(up to 1 each)
Any Software Title
(up to 1)
Laptop LCD Monitor Screen 
(up to 1)
Laptop Power Input Connector 
(up to 1)

Note 1:  If you need 2 parts repaired, replaced or upgraded, the above price would be times 2.  (2 x $39.00 = $78.00 plus tax)
             If you need 3 parts repaired, replaced or upgraded, the above price would be times 3.  (3 x $39.00 = $117.00 plus tax)

Note 2:  Any new computer part or parts installed includes:
             A)  All Factory warranty (if any) offered by the manufacturer.
             B)  30 Day warranty on all new parts, from us.
             C)  30 Day warranty on all used parts, from us.
             D)  30 Day warranty on all labor.

Call:  TheComputerWash  Today!

(740)  616 - 4470

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24 Hour Repair Service

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